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Private Tutoring

Studies are conducted in person at 508 W 139th St (Basement), at a public location convenient to you, or via video chat.​ Feel free to invite any friends or family to join in!

Choose a Book of the Bible


“Learn how everything started! Not just the world, but also the story of Jesus and our salvation!”

“Who is Jesus? The Book of Matthew tells us by revealing what He said and did! He is the Lord, the Christ, and the founder of His church.”

“What does it mean to be a Christian? What does pure Christianity look like? Find out in this history of the original churches”

“Taking your first steps as a Christian? Needing to revitalize your walk with Jesus? Sit down and take in some good counsel on how true disciples should be living.”

Intermediate / Advanced

“How bad is sin? How does God view our sin? Hear from Him first hand how your sins affect Him, yourself, and those around you.”

“What’s the biggest danger to the church? How should a church respond when a brother doesn’t want to repent? How should a church worship? Or collect money? In this letter Paul discusses all these important issues and more!”

“Is your faith growing dim and your heart cold? Be reminded of the superiority of Christ as He’s compared to many facets of the Old Law.”

“The story of your salvation began before God even made the world. Find out just how much Christ has done for you, and what you should do for Him in return.”

Any other book?

Rather study a different book? Then just let me know!

Choose a Topic

“Think that the story of Jesus begins in Matthew? Think again! See how God had been laying down the foundation of salvation by faith in Christ since the very beginning!”

“Does the Old Testament seem a little daunting and unrelatable? Try taking a step back and getting the picture in order to see what the Old Testament story is really all about!”

“Want to know how you can be pleasing to God? Jesus reveals in one short beautiful poem all the essential qualities of true disciples.”

“Do you think young people need a light to guide them in this troubled world? There is no better guide than God’s word, and it’s never outdated.”

“Jesus’ divine status is always being challenged. Is He a creation of God? Or is He the Creator God? Take an in depth look into passages that reveal the true nature of Christ’s identity.”

“What does it mean to be saved by faith and not by works? What about obeying Jesus’ commands? Learn what true Biblical faith is and how it saves.”

“The greatest commandment of all is to love God with all that you’ve got. But what does that really mean and how can we do that? The Bible has a lot to say about that!”

Any other Topic?

“Is there another topic you’d like to discuss? Just let me know!”